In our ballet classes, dancers will begin class with stretches specific to strengthening the feet. They will be taught about maintaining correct posture, which in ballet, involves everything from the feet up through the top of the head.  They will then  work on basic techniques, as well as, learn combinations. Dancers will be encouraged to count the music and name the steps. They will learn the names of the steps and what they mean in the French language.  Dancers will attempt new jumps and execute them with more repetition. They will begin to learn about turnout and correct body placement.  They will expand their repertoire of jumps in simple form at the barre.  Center work will consist of combining three or more steps and dancers will work to improve their turns through spotting and proper use of the arms. They will learn the names of important muscles used in ballet and be given literature on anatomy for dancers.  

-Dancers should wear pink canvas ballet slippers and level colored leotard with pink ballet tights and have their hair pulled back in bun. Ballet Skirt optional. 

Pearl Ballet/Tap and Divas in Diapers Ballet Encourages free expression while teaching basic elements of ballet, jazz, tap and sometimes even tumbling. Dancers will learn all about music, movement, coordination, rhythm, and awareness of space that will hopefully lead to many fun-filled years of dancing and self-expression. Classroom focus will be on appropriate etiquette, respect for others, and self-confidence, as well. There will be a class theme each month, offering consistency and a familiar format for the dancers. Dancers will utilize various props and pretend to be different kinds of animals, fairytale characters, and objects in nature. Dancers will also travel through obstacle courses designed to improve fine and gross motor skills. 

- Dancers should wear pastel leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes, tan strap tap shoes, and hair pulled back. Ballet skirt or tutu is optional.

Ballet Technique and Flexibility *(non-performance)* Ballet is the basic form of dance for all forms of dance! Our technique and flexibility classes will help students properly build muscles and learn proper technique to help limit injury in dance or any sport.

 -Dancers should wear pink canvas ballet shoes and level colored leotard with pink ballet tights and have their hair pulled back in bun. Ballet Skirt optional. Students can also wear form-fitting workout clothes, hair pulled back and pink canvas ballet shoes.