Tuition will be accepted during the 1st and 3rd classes of the month. A late fee of $10 will be added to tuition if payment is not received by this time.

Check or Money Order made payable to Burchfield PTO will be accepted for tuition and costume payments and ticket and well wish orders. No cash will be accepted as payment for these items.

Add your weekly class time together for all siblings to determine your total monthly tuition payment (for example, if one child takes a class for 45 minutes and another child for 30 minutes, that would equal 1 hour and 15 minutes of class time per week).

Class Times Per Week:           Monthly Tuition:

30 Minutes                                           $22 per month
45 Minutes                                           $28 per month
1 Hour                                                      $34 per month
1 Hour 15 minutes                              $39 per month
1 Hour 30 minutes                             $44 per month
1 Hour 45 minutes                             $49 per month
2 Hours                                                   $53 per month
2 Hours 15 minutes                            $57 per month
2 Hours 30 minutes                          $61 per month
2 Hours 45 minutes                           $65 per month
3 Hours                                                   $68 per month
3 Hours 15 minutes                           $71 per month
3 Hours 30 minutes                          $74 per month
3 Hours 45 minutes                          $77 per month
4 Hours                                                   $80 per month
4 Hours 15 minutes                          $83 per month
4 Hours 30 minutes                         $85 per month
4 Hours 45 minutes                         $87 per month
5 Hours                                                  $91 per month


**Dance Junction does offer a referral reward. If you refer a friend to Dance Junction and they indicate your name on their registration form, you will receive 50% off one month of tuition per family you refer. Please note that your friend must indicate your name at the time of registration.