Dance Junction Diamonds

The Dance Junction Diamonds is a group comprised of our most elite dancers who are dedicating the time, to not only improve individually, but to also learn the importance and value of teamwork as they perform at a variety of events.

Our Diamonds each take at minimum four hours of dance each week including classes in Ballet, Acro, Technique & Flexibility, and Conditioning. Most of our Diamonds enjoy classes in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, etc. as well.

Try outs are required for anyone interested in joining the team and the dancers are expected to maintain strong attendance in class as well as participate in additional mandatory practices to prepare for events. Once an individual successfully auditions for the Diamonds they are required to take Ballet, Technique, Conditioning, and Acro. Anyone interested in eventually trying out are encouraged to take these classes as well. Please contact Dance Junction with specific questions about which class to sign up for based on skill level.


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