What to wear?

Please follow this link to our attire store to purchase the required shoes and leotards needed for each class:

Dance Junction Attire Store

Proper attire is necessary to help us accurately evaluate the technical progress of the dancer. Shoes provide the proper support and uniformity during performances.

Children are expected to wear proper attire:

-Hair must be pulled back   -No Gum or Candy in the gym or studio   -Label all of your belongings.

Leotard colors are dependent upon class levels:

  • Pearls- Pastel Colored Leotard
  • Amethyst- Purple Colored Leotard
  • Sapphire- Blue Colored Leotard
  • Ruby- Red, Maroon, or Burgundy Colored Leotard
  • Emerald- Green, Teal, or Black Colored Leotard
  • Crystal- Black Colored Leotard

Please note that our Dance Junction Diamonds have specific requirements concerning attire that include team jackets and uniforms. More information will be given to the Diamonds as the year begins.

**Scrunchies and bun kits will be available for purchase at the desk of the studio.